Julie (sallymander) wrote,

and we'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes her tbird away

So my name is Julie and I have no regrets about the big kid job change. It was flawless actually. I simply love working for a company that has a number one core value to have fun. We go to work to make sure that we have fun! WTF!? LOVE IT! Right now we are still in crazy hiring, drug screen, contacting all of our staff member deals. Yes we work hard, but we play hard. It was defiantly a change that is well worth my time and pay cut. I feel more amazing than I ever have. Plus this office/ rest work is amazing. Can't wait to get back to operations though. I think I finally enjoy F&B all over again.

I think it is safe to say... life is good. I've been trying to get out and meet more people. I've also been making sure to make it to the gym. I kinda like my life busy. This weekend I am meeting my fellow Spartans for the game watch. Can't wait.
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