Julie (sallymander) wrote,

resignation day

Tomorrow might be one of the most interesting days of my current life. I suppose a first of quite possibly many. Tomorrow I will hand in my resignation from a company I've worked for the last 6 years. They have had me work in three states with multiple positions.

I know my choice is the right one for the following reasons:
- I'm at peace with the fact it is my time to move on, My heart isn't in it anymore(I've asked to be coached, but received nothing)
- I fail everyday and no one seems to care
- I gave up months ago

When I lived in Ann arbor there was a new story about this guy who was on his way to work one day, went crazy and kept driving. His family reported him missing and three days later they find him legally insane and in Florida. He just kept driving! I often think to myself that one day that will probably be me. So I guess I'm taking the steps to avoid it.

I know everyone at some point in their life questions their job and their ability to do it. The question of am I giving up or not taking the challenge seriously? I've even had professional help to help decide the time has come to move on. Truthfully this doesn't come as a surprise to me. When I left my internship in Memphis I wanted to go home and change my major. I suppose it is safe to say I knew what I was getting myself into. All of the managers I worked with struggled with their day to day duties. I'm not sure they too really had the support to change their world. I can relate to it in my current situation. So I guess it is time to say farewell and hello to new beginnings.

Although I might add the next two weeks should be interesting. Actually, I have no labor tomorrow so I will be doing magic tricks for anyone available, please come see.
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