Julie (sallymander) wrote,

Well my new life starts soon, Monday to be exact. Starting a new chapter is not only exciting, but hopefully it was well worth the wait. I'm still working on not how to be a student and have extra time in my life to do whatever I want. I hope I make some good choices! for sure!

Last week I went to go see Mikey in Raleigh/ durham (I planned it two days before it happened). (yes I drove, yes 12 hours in one day) If you have never been to west virgina, you have to go! It was so much fun. It was my budget vacation! Maybe I shouldn't have gone shopping while I was there... I forgot how nice being down south was (even though it was above freezing 2 days). But their town was an example of urban sprawl so everything took forever to get to! It was still really interesting. My first day there I went shopping and people watched at the mall. Went to stores we just don't have. Then I went to a meetup for new years and had a wonderful time. The area is just full of people who move there to work so everyone is pretty much a Yankee... so they didn't get to call me that like they did in memhpis. While at the bar to stooped to the point of booking my ass to the bathroom to politely tell this guy i wasn't interested. yeah I guess i'm gonna have to use that one more often! It worked.
The next day we ate and drank. Mike and I went to a free brewery tour. Which was neat of course. Free Samples turned into a free whole glass of beer! Then the owner gave his tour and turned the taps back on! wow thats a whole lot of free beer. It was neat to say the least. The next day We went downtown raleigh. Took a tour of the state capital, which isn't used at all, unlike our state and was pretty boring. There were some neat things about it like the stairs where a total drunk test because they used to have the salves wheel barrel wood up and down the stairs to heat the place, so they were all chipped and caved in. We went to the museam of history (it was free). I think the coolest part was the many years of barbies and weapons from the wars. The old stuff was really interesting.

I also had a chance to take a drive out to the ocean. On the way I stopped at a winery that has southern muscadine grapes. It was nice, I did a wine tasting and bought some to take back with me... Now all i need is someone to drink them with. Once I got to the ocean I collected a TON of shells! I just got so carried away. We don't have big ones like that at lake michigan! I'm not sure what i'm going to do with them, but eh! Needless to say I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad I got to spend more time with mikey. I wish I could see him more, but ya know.

Oh and the new years in a bar... pretty fun except they missed the count down so they tired to make it up later. I guess it made it memorable. Looking back pretty much all of the last year was memorable and I hope that life continues to be fun. I've done a ton of things i've always wanted to do! I guess I realized that i'm finally an adult and can do whatever the f I want! I'm pretty sure i'm not the same person i was a year ago and that's cool with me, cuz i'm way improved now!
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