Julie (sallymander) wrote,

Tomorrow is an andventure I've been waiting for :)

tomorrow is the day! AHHH I have to finish packing and doing misc things, but otherwise I think I'm good to go! AHHHGGG

Work has still been brutal. HOpefully our dish machines will be better soon! Maybe I'll write a sarcastic get well soon card! lol

I'm planning a visit to Frankenmuth to visit a late friend's parents. Its in two weeks. I'm pretty excited for this as well. Something about a very long grieving process. Plus, its finally becoming spring and I'm actually feeling okay! AHHH!

I'd like to continue to do something everyday that makes me happy. It seems like a simple concept, but its so easy to lose track of when you're so busy in the mess of life.

PS I'm LOVING google radio. Just discovered it on my phone (sneaky sneaky Google). THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME... it's creepy. They usually tell me when my flight is delayed before the airport. CREEPY!
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