Tomorrow is an andventure I've been waiting for :)

tomorrow is the day! AHHH I have to finish packing and doing misc things, but otherwise I think I'm good to go! AHHHGGG

Work has still been brutal. HOpefully our dish machines will be better soon! Maybe I'll write a sarcastic get well soon card! lol

I'm planning a visit to Frankenmuth to visit a late friend's parents. Its in two weeks. I'm pretty excited for this as well. Something about a very long grieving process. Plus, its finally becoming spring and I'm actually feeling okay! AHHH!

I'd like to continue to do something everyday that makes me happy. It seems like a simple concept, but its so easy to lose track of when you're so busy in the mess of life.

PS I'm LOVING google radio. Just discovered it on my phone (sneaky sneaky Google). THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME... it's creepy. They usually tell me when my flight is delayed before the airport. CREEPY!

no work talk.

I'm still pretty tired. So tired... I feel like I'm going to try to spend my extra time this week sleeping in order to be awake for my family events! Mikey is getting married! I can't wait to leave this place to go out into lala world. No boy talk, no work talk, lets talk about everyone else. Sounds good to me. Ugh gotta go to work now. :) nothing could be as bad as last Monday!

and we'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes her tbird away

So my name is Julie and I have no regrets about the big kid job change. It was flawless actually. I simply love working for a company that has a number one core value to have fun. We go to work to make sure that we have fun! WTF!? LOVE IT! Right now we are still in crazy hiring, drug screen, contacting all of our staff member deals. Yes we work hard, but we play hard. It was defiantly a change that is well worth my time and pay cut. I feel more amazing than I ever have. Plus this office/ rest work is amazing. Can't wait to get back to operations though. I think I finally enjoy F&B all over again.

I think it is safe to say... life is good. I've been trying to get out and meet more people. I've also been making sure to make it to the gym. I kinda like my life busy. This weekend I am meeting my fellow Spartans for the game watch. Can't wait.


So my two weeks notice is coming to an end. Two more days!!! I've never been more sure in my life that this is the right decision for me. My GM made it clear that he didn't blame me for leaving and thanked me for all my hard work. My DM told me he heard about the SHOCKING news... I asked him if he was really shocked and he readily admitted that he knew i was unhappy. So yep, time to move on.

Now I just have to get up and go for two more days. I'm pretty excited for this new work environment. A Gallup survey and a vacation can help you change your mind about a lot of things. I'm glad I realized it now, instead of months later.

During my time of survival I read this book called the joy of burnout. I figured out the whole meaning of the book about 12 pages in... when I found myself a new job.

I start Tuesday! I have no idea what to expect.

resignation day

Tomorrow might be one of the most interesting days of my current life. I suppose a first of quite possibly many. Tomorrow I will hand in my resignation from a company I've worked for the last 6 years. They have had me work in three states with multiple positions.

I know my choice is the right one for the following reasons:
- I'm at peace with the fact it is my time to move on, My heart isn't in it anymore(I've asked to be coached, but received nothing)
- I fail everyday and no one seems to care
- I gave up months ago

When I lived in Ann arbor there was a new story about this guy who was on his way to work one day, went crazy and kept driving. His family reported him missing and three days later they find him legally insane and in Florida. He just kept driving! I often think to myself that one day that will probably be me. So I guess I'm taking the steps to avoid it.

I know everyone at some point in their life questions their job and their ability to do it. The question of am I giving up or not taking the challenge seriously? I've even had professional help to help decide the time has come to move on. Truthfully this doesn't come as a surprise to me. When I left my internship in Memphis I wanted to go home and change my major. I suppose it is safe to say I knew what I was getting myself into. All of the managers I worked with struggled with their day to day duties. I'm not sure they too really had the support to change their world. I can relate to it in my current situation. So I guess it is time to say farewell and hello to new beginnings.

Although I might add the next two weeks should be interesting. Actually, I have no labor tomorrow so I will be doing magic tricks for anyone available, please come see.
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dear livejournal, I love you

I figured that I just couldn't stop writing in my journal, no matter who does or doesn't read it. Shoot I love going back and reading about my life. I should have kept better track of my last year because I'm sure there are wonderful, crazy, ridiculous stories I should have told. But here is where I ended up in the last year (even if it is only for my memory):

So new life isn't really what i expected it to be. I live in saline,Mi (yeah map that one out) with one of my mom's oldest friends, Pam. She is the sweetest lady ever. I still work for good ole ARAMARk and have hit my 5 years with the company today. They sent me a keyring and a card (i would have enjoyed 25 bucks or an extra day off better, but okay). I work at Toyota engineering facility where I run two cafeterias and i feed engineers day in and day out, half of which are Japanese. I myself have made food for mr toyoda. Not the most impressive thing, but I kinda wanted to document it. My time at Toyota has been full of ups and lots and lots and lots of downs. But I've defiantly figured out how to finally manage people the right way, thanks to my mentors. My staff is positive and working in a positive direction. I like that. Plus none of them are duds. I think I will remember them forever, just because they are my firsts. PS I will never buy a Japaneses car. Japanese people think that no one is better or more worthy than they are. Although they have a very polite culture, it doesn't put past the fact that to them I'm a moron (especially because I'm a woman). I do enjoy the fact that they are extremely polite to each other and that culture is shared in my cafe. I wish that was everyone's culture. You can't say thank you enough.

My job has been very demanding the last year, but I'm always looking for new places to go (toyota has not been that good to me). I will be spending my labor day weekend in Columbus and hopefully will be able to talk someone into giving me a job :). It's time for a change and you'll know how i love a new city!

Truth be told i've made the best friends ever in this city! Well not here but northern detroit. It's kinda sad i have the hardest time bonding with the people of ann arbor (they are just too full of themselves). The girls I have met and come to love come in all ages and are all at different points of their lives. I think that's why i like them so much, there is just so much to learn. I've done so much with them it isn't even funny. In the last year we have ate many amazing meals, seen a dozen movies, done drag queen bingo, gone to the drive in, done kariyoki(sp?) , gone to ikea, toured the Henry ford estate, saw plays/musicals, gone to the womans show in novi (twice), kayaking, shopped downtown Ann Arbor, meat raffled three times (i have yet to win some meat!), gone to girls night out in mt clemends and rochester, had a fun night at the oscars, painted ceramics, royal oak food tour, SHOPPED (outlets), drank for st patties, pup crawls, tobogganing, gambling, and took trips to niagra falls, Vegas, and traverse city! This week were going to west Virginia to go white water rafting and zip linging wooooooooo! I've kept my sanity thanks to them. Good friends are hard to find.

Since I've got a taste of traveling that first trip I took to Boston/ Maine (labor day of 09) I've just loveD LOVED LOVEED traveling. I think it is so exciting to go see a new town. So I'm glad the girls like doing the same :). In the past year I've also gone to Atlanta. My brother, mike now lives there and calls it home with his dog (my nephew) jake. I had a good time there, but can't see myself living there.

So the next month brings my trip white water rafting, going to see strippers (you know i like this), going to see the dream cruise( i guess it's just old cars that drive up and down woodward), probably some drinking, a meat raffel and drive in. It's a good way to end summer :)

To those of you who read, thanks for enjoying my life with me :) Most days are enjoyable but i really thought there would be more to life after college. I guess I'm still searching for something... I'll let u know when i find it.

(now I need to start packing for this trip)
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Well my new life starts soon, Monday to be exact. Starting a new chapter is not only exciting, but hopefully it was well worth the wait. I'm still working on not how to be a student and have extra time in my life to do whatever I want. I hope I make some good choices! for sure!

Last week I went to go see Mikey in Raleigh/ durham (I planned it two days before it happened). (yes I drove, yes 12 hours in one day) If you have never been to west virgina, you have to go! It was so much fun. It was my budget vacation! Maybe I shouldn't have gone shopping while I was there... I forgot how nice being down south was (even though it was above freezing 2 days). But their town was an example of urban sprawl so everything took forever to get to! It was still really interesting. My first day there I went shopping and people watched at the mall. Went to stores we just don't have. Then I went to a meetup for new years and had a wonderful time. The area is just full of people who move there to work so everyone is pretty much a Yankee... so they didn't get to call me that like they did in memhpis. While at the bar to stooped to the point of booking my ass to the bathroom to politely tell this guy i wasn't interested. yeah I guess i'm gonna have to use that one more often! It worked.
The next day we ate and drank. Mike and I went to a free brewery tour. Which was neat of course. Free Samples turned into a free whole glass of beer! Then the owner gave his tour and turned the taps back on! wow thats a whole lot of free beer. It was neat to say the least. The next day We went downtown raleigh. Took a tour of the state capital, which isn't used at all, unlike our state and was pretty boring. There were some neat things about it like the stairs where a total drunk test because they used to have the salves wheel barrel wood up and down the stairs to heat the place, so they were all chipped and caved in. We went to the museam of history (it was free). I think the coolest part was the many years of barbies and weapons from the wars. The old stuff was really interesting.

I also had a chance to take a drive out to the ocean. On the way I stopped at a winery that has southern muscadine grapes. It was nice, I did a wine tasting and bought some to take back with me... Now all i need is someone to drink them with. Once I got to the ocean I collected a TON of shells! I just got so carried away. We don't have big ones like that at lake michigan! I'm not sure what i'm going to do with them, but eh! Needless to say I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad I got to spend more time with mikey. I wish I could see him more, but ya know.

Oh and the new years in a bar... pretty fun except they missed the count down so they tired to make it up later. I guess it made it memorable. Looking back pretty much all of the last year was memorable and I hope that life continues to be fun. I've done a ton of things i've always wanted to do! I guess I realized that i'm finally an adult and can do whatever the f I want! I'm pretty sure i'm not the same person i was a year ago and that's cool with me, cuz i'm way improved now!

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someone pinch me... I think i'm dreaming. When did I become crazy??? Or have i always been this way, it just was in dormant stage for a few years? So i asked mikey if i could come visit him in North Carolina soon... that was two days ago. And HERE i am... coolest life ever! going to meet the carolina locals tomorrow!